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10 Universal Design Tips

Universal design is just that: Design that can be used by everyone. Universal design gives designers and homeowners more flexibility than the basic ADA guidelines, while ensuring that all ability levels are served. If you're looking to create a universal design bathroom, keep two things thing in mind: Anyone who goes into the space can use it, and placement is key. Follow these tips.

  1. Grab Bars -- Many grab bars can aesthetically enhance a space and serve multiple functions, with the towel rod, toilet paper holder and shower slide bars all serving as grab bars when correctly placed.
  2. Multiple Showerheads -- Placing showerheads at various heights allows for users of almost any ability to comfortably bathe.
  3. Semipermanent Thresholds -- Showers with a removable threshold accommodate all users and can be changed out easily. Removable silicone lips can be cut away to provide a zero-threshold entrance, then replaced if no longer needed.
  4. Contrasting Colors -- Color is a great factor in bath aesthetics but it also affects how the user sees the space. Provide contrasting colors in the shower—and on the walls and floor—to allow those with poor visibility to discern one space from another.
  5. Toilets -- Install 18-inch toilets to accommodate all ability levels comfortably.
  6. Wall Niches -- Shelving units and seating can provide extra assistance inside the shower, if properly placed. Keep in mind where the shower valve is located so that someone can access it no matter if they are standing or sitting.
  7. Lighting -- Access to lighting is just as important as illumination. Toggle switches can be used easily by all ability levels, especially if conveniently placed for any user.
  8. Door Levers -- Knobs can be difficult for some users to turn. Installing door levers ensures usability and access for everyone.
  9. Countertop Height -- Although countertop heights have increased in recent years, a truly accessible bathroom must take all users into account. Installing standard-height counters can ensure universal functionality.
  10. Door and Hallway Sizes -- Larger door openings and hallways—ideally 32 inches wide or more—can easily accommodate most wheelchairs.

Universal design doesn't simply mean accessible. Rather, the term encompasses smart design that accommodates every single person that enters the space.

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From Tub to Shower.

We recently completed a bathroom remodel from a garden tub that the customer had to climb over to take a shower to a walk in shower.

  1. One-Stop Shopping: They offer a wide variety of products (Stair Lifts, Auto Lifts, Ramps, Vertical Lifts, Patient Lifts, Bath & Pool, etc.) from the most trusted brand names like Bruno, Harmar, Best Bath, Prairie View Industries, Pride Mobility, Comfort Company, Dry Pro, and American Access. These quality brands focus on creating products that are attractive, comfortable, quiet to operate, and built to last.
  2. Home Installation is Available: Unlike some companies that sell you a product and that’s the end of it, Mobility at Home offers an in-home assessment with a free evaluation to recommend the best products that meet your needs, budget, and lifestyle preferences. These products can result in a safe, smooth and economical solution to barriers and elevation changes around the home.
  3. Buy OR Rent: Rental can be an affordable alternative for those needing shorter-term solutions such as accommodating an aging or disabled relative over the holidays or recovering from a surgery at home. Rental can often meet the immediate need without long-term commitments or expenses such as nursing home care.
  4. They are Focused on Your Needs: They help you sort through the many mobility product options to help you find the solution that will work best for you or your loved ones.
  5. Product Knowledge: Between them, owners Kyle and Lori Williams have years of experience in fields as diverse as home remodeling, Hospice caregiving, social work, and medical equipment sales. They stay up-to-date on the latest trends in mobility solutions so their customers can acquire products that blend with the surroundings of the home.
  6. See and Touch the Products Before You Buy: They plan to have display models of bathrooms and stairlifts in their 3,000-square-foot showroom at 6307 East Brainerd Road. If they do not have a product in the showroom, they can special order it.
  7. They are Your Neighbors: He is a Flintstone native while she was born and raised in Cleveland. The Williams’s now live in Hixson, where they raise four children and are members of Silverdale Baptist Church.
  8. Peace of Mind: Mobility at Home offers convenient payment options to qualified buyers in the Chattanooga area and honor warranties from leading manufacturers. There’s also the relief that you or an aging or disabled loved one will feel knowing it’s possible to remain in the home thanks to mobility products that help preserve independence.
  9. They Improve the Community: They partner with nursing homes, hospitals, physical therapy centers, and long term care facilities throughout the Chattanooga area and help companies become ADA Compliant with commercial lifts, ramps, bridges, and walkways. Mobility products can benefit schools, theaters and churches.
  10. Quality of Life: From the child with the broken arm who won’t miss out on summertime memories in the pool because of the dry pro cast to the caregiver who is equipped to more easily provide compassionate in-home care to an elderly family member, Mobility at Home’s products and services make life easier and more enjoyable.

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We performed this ramp installation and added a platform for the client on this job so that the couple living here could have an easier time getting into their home.