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Stair Lifts

stairlifts Chattanooga

stairlifts Chattanooga

Home is the place of comfort, security, rejuvenation. A repository for all the things, great and small, that define your life. But, what happens when your staircase becomes an impediment? Is your life reduced? Perhaps. But, it need not be. The stairs we take for granted most of our lives often become the primary reason that seniors or the disabled lose access to different levels or may be forced to move from their home. Stairlifts can provide the effortless connection between the floors of your home with quiet, stylish elegance and confidence.

When age or disability become a factor in getting up and down the stairs to access a 2nd floor bathroom or bedroom, our homes can start to feel like obstacle courses. Independence vanishes when we are no longer able to navigate our own house without a caregiver’s help or risk of injury. According to AARP, more than 90% of seniors prefer to age in place at home for as long as possible before transitioning to a senior care community.

Rather than feeling as if you have no choice but to relocate to one-floor living, adapt your home with Mobility at Home’s affordable selection of curved-rail and straight-rail stair lifts solutions that include several models of the popular brands Bruno and Harmar.

When considering a Stair Lift, know that…Our Indoor Stair Lifts are made to provide comfortable seating, ease of access, lifting capacity, little to no maintenance, safety, and dependability.

  • A variety of colors and fabric options are available.Most models are made so they still work during power outages.
  • Most models are designed to flip up the arm, seat and foot rest so they do not obstruct others using the stairs.
  • Outdoor lifts are weather-proofed and use durable materials to withstand the rain, wind, snow, heat, and cold. Products are tested to withstand grueling Northern winters or temperatures as high as 125-degrees Fahrenheit. 
    stair lifts Chattanooga TN
  • Most models require no modification to your existing stairway may be required during installation. 

We offer a free home inspection so our team at Mobility at Home design and install a stairlift to compliment your staircase and lifestyle needs.

Our selection of Stairlifts includes:

Straight Stairlifts

Bruno Elan Straight Rail Model: Continuous charge strips along the entire rail, mean the unit will be charged wherever it stops on the staircase. A vertical, anodized rail that installs to within 5 in (127 mm) from the wall, and arms, seat and footrest that flip up, create plenty of space for family or guests to walk up and down the stairs. An elegant covered track gives you a clean and attractive rail.

Bruno Elite Straight Rail Model: With superior styling and superb craftsmanship, the Elite (Model SRE-2010) offers the finest in streamlined, ultra-compact design and performance. A home chair lift that reflects the taste and sophistication of the most elegant homes, the Elite sets the new standard for residential accessibility. Continuous charge strips along the entire rail, mean the unit will be charged wherever it stops on the staircase. A vertical, anodized rail that installs to within 6 in (152 mm) from the wall, and arms, seat and footrest that flip up, create plenty of space for family or guests to walk up and down the stairs.

Harmar Pinnacle Premium Stair Lift: The slimmest and most light-weight stair lift on the market, it folds to take just 11” of staircase width. Although exceptionally compact, Pinnacle boasts a 350lb (160 kg) capacity with a wide, comfortable seat that swivels at the top landing to aid in safely entering and exiting the lift. Safety sensors prevent the lift from running if the seat is not in the proper position or if something is blocking the stairway or track. Pinnacle's patented helical worm gear drive system requires less energy to operate and can make up to 40 trips should the power go out. The unique drive system does not require any messy greases or lubricants! The folding rail option saves space and lessens trip hazards at bottom of the staircase.

Harmar Alpine Standard Stair Lift: Soft Start and Soft Stop moves the rider effortlessly between levels. Alpine’s proven rack and pinion drive system continues to offer its high level of safety and dependability. It runs even during power interuptions. It has finished floor mounts and charging bases with remote controls.

Curved Stairlifts

Bruno Stairlift Elite Curved Model: Every custom curved stairlift is crafted to exact specifications of your stairway. Bruno curved stair lifts provide access while adding to your home’s character. With a safe and durable design, it can be installed on virtually all curved stairways, with the flexibility of mounting on either side of the staircase.

Harmar Helix Curved Stair Lift: The next generation Helix Curved Stair Lift offers a narrow profile that mounts closer to the wall, with tighter, bends. The ride is ultra smooth--and whisper quiet! Ergonomically-designed seat feature standard manual swivel and fully flip-back arms to make entry and exit easier. Beige or custom color and fabric options available.



Outdoor Lifts

Bruno Outdoor Straight and Curved Rail Models: The Outdoor Elite is the leader among chair lifts for outside applications. An outdoor stair lift with many standard features, it's remarkable. It is specifically designed for exterior use. Innovative weather resistant cover system designed to travel with the chair, allowing easy ON/OFF operation and protection from the elements when not in use.

Harmar SL350OD Outdoor Stair Lift: Weather-proofed to withstand the elements. Harmar’s Outdoor Stair Lift is engineered with a durable extruded aluminum track and marine-grade vinyl seating to handle rain, wind, snow, and temperatures from 0° to 125° degrees. Includes header, internal chassis, and large weatherproof covers for even more protection.


With so many choices, Call us today and let the team at Mobility at Home design a stairlift to compliment your staircase, lifestyle needs and budget. Stairlifts are more affordable than you think!