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Dry pro cast covers and bathing aides

Mobility products Chattanooga

Mobility at Home makes it easier for Chattanooga residents with disabilities or physical limitations to live as independently as anyone else.

DryPro products such as cast and bandage covers, IV protections, ostomy and stoma protection, and prosthetic leg protection create water tight vacuum seal that allows you to swim, bathe, shower, enjoy hydrotherapy, and even dive without getting affected areas of the body wet. Just imagine a child with a fractured limb not having to go the entire summer avoiding the pool but jumping right in! These products are made to blend in with your skin tone.

If someone is forced to spend a lot of time in bed, Mobility at Home also offers solutions to make the circumstance as comfortable as possible with pumps and pads to prevent bed sores, mattress and pillowcase protectors, hospital bed sheets, bed rails, and over-bed tables and lap trays.

Guardian alarms help protect seniors from traumatic falls and other emergencies.

We can also help those who have no mobility issues but simply need some extra support such as a lumbar chair cushion or egg crates foam for a more comfortable rest.

These and other solutions can make a huge difference in the life of someone challenged by physical and mobility limitations.

Call (423) 531-HOME (4663) to schedule an in-home assessment so that Mobility at Home can recommend the best products that meet your needs, budget, and lifestyle preferences.