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Lift Chairs and Sleep Chairs


power recliners Chattanooga TNPower recliners ChattanoogaLift chairs and Sleep chairs are for much more than lifting people who have difficulty standing. Many people find that they are one of the most comfortable ways to sleep. Lift Chairs can have adjustable head rest for comfort in watching tv or to help with getting your head aligned for assistance with sleeping issues such as snoring. They are many different chairs all in one. You can have a chair with heat and massage. One with an air powered lumbar support just like in your car. Or you can have a combination of all or some of the features. Lift Chairs and Sleep Chairs come in many different softness or firmness and many different styles. You can even pick out which color of fabric, vinyl, or leather matches your décor. Mobility at Home has the largest showroom of lift chairs and sleep chairs in the Chattanooga area.

In the TV watching position, the seat glides while the footrest raises your feet, keeping the back of the chair angled at 90°. This design reduces friction and discomfort, and creates a soothing angle to cradle your body in comfort as you enjoy many of your favorite activities. You can, watch TV or use your laptop computer with ease! It provides ergonomic upper-body positioning in to minimize neck and shoulder strain.

The MaxiComfort lift glides you into the perfect sleep position

The MaxiComfort lift and recline chair will become your luxurious escape day or night. Many people improve their sleep using the MaxiComfort® power recline system that glides you into the perfect sleep position with the touch of a button. Sneak away for a rejuvenating nap or nestle in for great night’s sleep, night after night!

Every MaxiComfort® chair incorporates the Trendelenburg position

Every MaxiComfort® chair incorporates the Trendelenburg position, which not only provides the ultimate stretch of your entire back, but also improves your circulation. Created by German physician Friederich Trendelenburg, this position raises your feet above your head, increasing blood flow in your lower extremities. Many doctors prescribe the therapeutic benefits of the Trendelenburg position for congestive heart failure, edema or other circulatory conditions where patients need to raise their legs above their heart for certain periods of time each day. Consult your physician regarding the use of the Trendelenburg position.

MaxiComfort® chairs easily take you to the free comfort of the Zero-Gravity position

MaxiComfort® chairs easily take you to the free comfort of the Zero-Gravity position. In this physician-recommended posture, the spine, hip and knee joints are positioned on the balanced midpoint of the muscles. With the MaxiComfort power recline system, the seat moves up and down to pivot your hips into this naturally relaxing Zero-Gravity position. Spinal pressure and muscle tension are relieved, circulation is improved, and feelings of fatigue melt away. Ah!

The Total Comfort position is designed for upright relaxation!

The Total Comfort position is designed for upright relaxation! When you press the TC button, your MaxiComfort® system moves in a whole new way! The seat raises into the same position as the Zero-gravity (ZG) position, the backrest is moved to the same angle as the TV Watching position, and your lower body is placed in a neutral relaxing posture. Kick off your shoes after a long day and relax in Total Comfort.

MaxiComfort® is the only recline technology in the world that can offer unlimited positioning options that operate with a smooth, seat-gliding action. We’ve taken the guess work out of getting into your favorite positions by developing a state-of-the-art hand control called AutoDrive. If you compare MaxiComfort chairs to any other lift chair that has an independent or infinite recline mechanism, you will find MaxiComfort’s advanced design is superior and significantly reduces shear forces on the body when in use.

Did you know that 2/3 of all adults suffer from low back pain and discomfort?

If you’re like most adults, spending your day sitting at a desk, in a car, on an airplane, or standing for extended periods of time, your lumbar region would benefit from a good stretch at the end of the day. The dynamic AutoFlex™ power lumbar system from Golden Technology slowly and gently stretches the spine and surrounding muscles in the lower back area. You will feel the power lumbar massage system expand your lower back, then gently return to rest it in the neutral position. The speed of the flexing movement can be adjusted to suit your comfort level and personal needs. This continuous, passive motion, in combination with our Zero-gravity position, may bring relief to lower back pain related to standing or sitting for long periods of time. Dozens of massage settings covering three different massage zones: shoulders, lumbar and seat. Heat in high and low settings is also available with massage features.